Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Jamaica nice (Jah mek ya nice)

Jamaica’s official language is English but locals often speak creole otherwise called “patois,” which is considered to be the most unique language in the world. Patois consists of many words from the English language and is the most widely spoken language in Jamaica.

While visiting our island, you will be exposed to this unique way of communication - let Jamaica Customized Vacation & Tours give you a head start. When you hear a local say “yah mon,” it simply means “yes.”  

If someone says to you “wha’appen?” it’s our way of saying “what’s up?” We use this greeting when talking with our friends. In Jamaica, “walk good” is our way of saying good bye, take care or safe traveling with good wishes.

Men in Jamaica often refer to the way a female looks as “criss.” It’s their way of telling you that you are pretty or fine looking. “Yuh nah come a bashment lata?” means “Aren’t you going to the party or exciting event later?”

Now ‘rhaatid” is not a profane word, however, we use it to express how we feel or intensify what we are trying to say. Ever heard the word “blabbah mout?” This is someone who talks too much.

One thing we guarantee is a smile on everyone’s face that we come in contact with! So book with Jamaica Customized Vacation & Tours and experience our culture with us.