Friday, August 30, 2013

Port of Call: Ocho Rios

About to disembark in Ocho Rios, known to locals as “Ochi,” with a desire to experience a beautiful town that offers a wide range of on-land options for you to explore? Well, you are stopping over at the right spot! Once a fishing village, this town hosts “Columbus Park,” the place that Christopher Columbus had first set foot on the island of Jamaica. Great Ocho Rios tour experience starts here.

With pristine beaches and turquoise waters along the coast, you can opt to take part in various water sports activities such as scuba diving or enjoy a smooth sail by catamaran, or simply relax by the beach. You can do some shopping near the cruise port and get something to remind you or others of your time in Jamaica.

How about some jerk chicken?  No need to look much further! There are many food spots in the area of Ocho Rios or in other parts of St. Ann, the parish in which Ocho Rios is located. They are known for producing some the island’s best jerk items. Other popular choices are the Green Grotto Caves Tour, Dunn’s River Falls Tour, Cranbrook Farm Tour, Bob Marley Mausoleum/Nine Mile tour, do some rafting on the Martha Brae or explore the skies with various activities found at Mystic Mountain.

Remember, whatever you want to do while you are in Jamaica, we will be here to help you. Also, please leave a feedback with us. We would really like to know what would make your time ashore worthwhile.