Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Jamaica Hotel Transfers, Private Jamaica Hotel Shuttle Bus Services.

JCVT specializes in private Jamaica hotel transfers at lowest prices, guaranteed reliability, reserve safe and secure transportation for your hotel, resorts and villa's anywhere in Jamaica, starting your trip right depends on your airport transfer to your hotel, as they say "First Impressions Last".

Private Hotel Transportation

Choose your Jamaica airport transfers by taking a look at our private and personalized airport transfer services, we guarantee newer well maintained, fully air-conditioned, comfortable, luxurious vehicles, well trained, knowledgable drivers, on time service and guaranteed safety, we guarantee 100% satisfaction when you book your hotel transfers to your hotel or resorts.

Jamaica Hotel Shuttles

All our hotel shuttles are carefully organized, booking your hotel is just a click away, there is no hassle, no wait at the airport and we will schedule your return pick up to guarantee you make your departure flight, ready to book you hotel transfer?

Arrival Hotel Transfer Pick-Up Instructions

After leaving the customs hall proceed to the front exit of the Arrivals to the pick-up area where you will see our agent holding a sign with your name. He/She will then escort you to your vehicle and driver for quick dispatch to your hotel. In the event of any delays or unforeseen circumstances call (876) 979-2021 or for any additional information e-mail at info@jcvtt.com.

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